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LipoRing Set


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LipoRing Set - Magnetic Acupressure Weightloss

  • Ancient Chinese Medicine & Acupressure Therapy
  • 2 Bio-Magnets Providing a Magnetic Field of 1100 Gauss
  • Soft & Non-allergenic High-Quality Silicone

Secret Unveiled: Burn Fat Fast - The Exact Same Way Celebrities Do

  • Comfortable and easy
  • The toe rings are soft and fit comfortably in between the toes

  • Fat reduction with less effort
  • Emits magnetic force in order to stimulate acupuncture points

  • Delivers right results
  • Improves sagging muscles by activating inactive body regions that are not used in walking

  • No disturbance in regular work
  • One can go on with their daily routine while having the toe rings on